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We’re an engineering company that builds Multi-Function Training Facilities for the Fire and Emergency services.

Fire training facility

Real fire training

Replicating real world scenarios with real smoke, real heat, and real fire

Realistic simulations

In environments that you'll face in the real world

Today’s firefighters have less exposure to real-life structural fires. Our training facilities allow teams to gain that crucial experience in a controlled environment.

  • Navigate through real smoke
  • Feel real heat
  • Experience real fire
  • Prepare for real world scenarios

Recently completed for Staffs Fire & Rescue

A multi function training facility—known as the Villa

To provide better, more realistic training for firefighters and thereby help prevent future firefighter deaths. From the outside the structure made up of 16 metal containers looks unremarkable, but the labyrinth of rooms and galvanised stairways cleverly provides realistic environments to deliver the safest and highest quality of training possible. This ensures firefighters are fully prepared to tackle current and emerging risks.

Would your integrated Risk Management Plan Benefit?

Multiple rooms and multi‑storey options

Realistic structural fire training

Multiple room availability, ranging in size from small to large open plan with 5M high ceilings. Galvanised staircases, balconies and opening windows to enable you to replicate real-world scenarios in a custom built complex. Basement option for below ground fire simulation.

Made to measure

From single attack containers to complex layouts

Our Training facilities are structurally engineered to meet your specific needs. You can choose individual containers from 20 to 40 foot to best fit your site requirements. The larger facilities will be made up from a number of containers customised to meet your specific training needs.

Full service

Design, planning, groundwork, installation, maintenance …

Annual rent options

We discuss payment options early in the project giving you a transparent plan to suit your budget.

Insurance backed

The designs and calculations of your training facility are confirmed by structural engineers.

Maintained for you

A full maintenance service ensures the safe and continued operation of your training facility.

Start training better

Talk to us about creating a custom training facility for your team

Meet firefighter safety recommendations

Action to prevent future deaths

Our training facilities have been designed to let you easily meet the recommendations made in various Coroner's letters 43.

Multi-level building 'search, extinguish & rescue'

Realistically complex scenarios

Experiencing real fire and heat

Decent and ascent through a heat layer

Minimize risk

Technology inside

State-of-the-art features with the aim of safeguarding firefighters

Designed from the ground up, with safety as a number one priority, for you to create realistic training exercises in a controlled environment.

  • Live SMART monitoring systems
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Opening windows
  • Controlled fires
  • Integrated dry riser
  • Positive pressure ventilation fan

We were proud to supply specialist lighting, advice for the impressive training facility which provides important training for public services. On a personal note, the training facility is impressive, it has been great to work alongside LessCO2 again.

Holdcroft Electric & lighting LtdSteven Holdcroft

A unique approach

We provide you with a named team member for your project.

Our team has a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to support all aspects of your project — from finance, planning, project management and through to installation. You’ll be working with a small, dedicated team built to fit the needs of your project.

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