Sandra Brookes

10 Things You Didn't Know About LessCO2

1. We Run Training Courses for the Emergency Services and Have Trained Over 160 Members of Hazardous Area Response Teams Across the South West and Wales

As the amount of wind turbines in the UK continues to increase, it is vital that the emergency services who may have to respond to an incident at a turbine site, are equipped with relevant knowledge. Our Wind Turbine Access for Emergency Responders builds on the working at height and rescue training that the HARTs already have, but applies it to a live wind turbine site. It outlines how to put the turbine in a safe state for rescue as well as familiarising the teams with turbine components and layout.

2. LessCO2 Proudly Installed and Commissioned the First Endurance X35 in the UK!

Installed in December 2015 on a Midlands farm and livery yard, the 35m diameter rotor wind turbine was the first to be commissioned in the UK. It will produce up to 616,000kWh of renewable electricity for the site with the excess being exported to the National Grid.

3. LessCO2 Limited Was Set Up by John Neilson Who Was Originally Based in the Pharmaceuticals Industry Which Is Well Known for Its High Safety and Engineering Standards.

Because of John’s background quality, safety and service has always been at the forefront of LessCO2‘s approach to our projects. We pride ourself on delivering the best service and support we can for our customers, and this is enhanced by our Renewables Ring partnership.

4. Visitors to Our Turbines Include BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Midlands Today, Secondary School Pupils, a Vintage Fire Engine and Santa!

Santa Visit to wind turbines

5. We Designed and Developed the Wind Turbine Operator Course Which Specifically Focuses on Equipping Wind Turbine Technicians for Working on and Around Wind Turbines.

Our experienced trainer, Matt, designed the Wind Turbine Operator course to improve safety and best practise standards for working with wind turbines. Like all our courses, the WTO course is accredited by Rescue 3 Europe, and takes place at a live wind turbine site and offers a comprehensive outlined to working at height, co-worker rescue and wind turbine operation.

6. We Work With Local Secondary Schools, Including Shirebrook Academy Where We Installed an Endurance E3120, to Provide Educational Renewable Energy Sessions and Activities, to Support the Curriculum.

From site visits to wind turbine design activities our team love supporting pupils in their studies into renewable energy! Our favourite being a Year 7 wind turbine design competition!

7. Our Turbines Are Located in So Many Different Places – a School, an Airfield, an Ice-Cream Parlour, Equestrian Centre, a Business Centre and of Course Lots of Dairy Farms!

School visit and wind turbine projects

8. We Train Endurance Wind Power Technicians for Working at Height and Co-Worker Rescue From Height.

As an Endurance Dealer we work closely with them to ensure we can offer the best service, coverage and support for our Endurance Customers. To enhance this relationship further, we also currently provide working at height and rescue from height training for the Endurance technicians.

9. Our Experienced and Dedicated Staff Come From a Range of Backgrounds.

From firemen, pharmaceuticals, agricultural advisers, engineers, bank managers, to a master glassmaker – we all share the passion for renewables and providing the best customer experience we can!

10. in 2015 Our Wind Turbine Fleet Generated Over 6,000MWh of Electricity, Which Is Enough to Make 210,000 Million Cups of Tea!!!

Or 2,400 million loads of washing or power 303,000 (average) homes… nearly enough to power our home town of Stoke-on-Trent three times over!