40% of UK Farms Are Using Renewable Energy

We were excited to discover that 40% of UK farms are currently using renewable energy. Included in this, 30% of these farms are opting for wind energy installations and we are really proud to say that our customers and their turbines are contributing towards this. In addition, 61% of farmers,who were not currently generating renewable electricity on their land, said that they intended to invest within the next 5 years in renewable technologies, with wind energy being the favoured option.

These exciting figures are the products of a partnership project between Farmers Weekly and Nottingham Trent University called The Farm as Power Station Project. The aim of the project is to explore what barriers and incentives are driving the integration of renewable and sustainable energy generation for the rural and farming communities. With the focus on the need to produce sustainable energy,and with 75% of UK land being agricultural, farms have an important asset for not just producing food but fuel and energy as well. Getting the balance right is essential, but at LessCO~2 we know integration of wind energy to a farm can benefit the farm with increased energy security and lower energy bills.

A concern the project has highlighted is the complicated planning processes and finding an affordable grid connection is putting some farmers off. At LessCO~2 we know how difficult this can be, but we work hard to find solutions and guide a project through, using our experience and expertise tailored to each and every project.

Being able to put into perspective how well farm renewables are excelling in the UK is fantastic to understand the difference renewable energy is making. When, in 2010 only 5% of farms were using renewable energy, it is clear to see that substantial progress is being made for renewable energy in the UK. Its why, when we see such positive figures about renewable energy being released, LessCO~2 are proud to be part of the Turbine Revolution.

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