A Different Kind of Endurance

Endurance of a different kind ...

In November 2014 a group of eight British explorers will set out on that rarest of modern adventures - an expedition of Endurance that will “go beyond rescue”. ...

1 Mission, 1 Team, 0 Rescue.

The intention is for the team to beat the Norwegian record for reaching the South Pole from the bottom of the Axel Heiberg Glacier at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf. They will climb the 30 mile glacier to the Antarctic Plateau and race some 350 miles to try and beat the Norwegians record. For the majority of the trip the eight men will be alone and “beyond rescue”

LessCO~2 installers of Endurance wind turbines are pleased to be able to sponsor the team in training for their expedition. So last week Paul Fox caught a flight for Norway to join the team at their training camp in Hovden Norway to see what was going on..

Paul said ...

“It was a great trip and I had a small taste of what they are likely to experience in their six week journey but I had the comfort of warm bed and cooked meals it will be very different for the team on the Antarctic plateau following in the footsteps of Amundsen”

“Over the weekend we were taught Nordic Skiing and the team tested and demonstrated some of the equipment they will be using. We also tried our hands at digging snow holes and melting snow for cooking.”

The team will be filmed throughout their journey which will be made into a TV documentary.

Anyone wishing to find out more or help by sponsoring the team can see some of the photos in our photo gallery and visit the “go beyond rescue” web site at www.gobeyondrescue.com