Don't Miss the Opportunity to Fix the FIT Rates for Your Wind Turbine Project!

There is a Feed in Tariff (FIT) rate change approaching in April 2014 which will see the rates fall. If you would like to secure the current FIT rates for a period of 12 months for your wind turbine project you can apply for preliminary accreditation with Ofgem before the end of 2013. LessCO~2 Limited would be pleased to be able to help with this.

Anyone who has planning permission to install a wind turbine over 50kW and has accepted an electrical grid connection offer from their local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) can go through the pre-accreditation process with Ofgem. This allows for the current FIT rates to be fixed for a one year period as long as the turbine is installed during that twelve months.

The deadline for pre-accreditation is 31st December 2013 but at LessCO~2 Limited we urge anyone interested to start the process as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The sooner the pre-accreditation is started the more likely that the application will be completed successfully by the deadline.

Less CO2 Limited specialises in the installation of Endurance E-3120 50kW and the new X29 225kW turbines but if you have planning permission for a different brand of turbine such as a Northwind or a C&F then LessCO~2 Limited have a resident planning expert who could help you to make changes to your planning application as well as offering support through the pre-accreditation process.

In summary, If you aim to:

  1. install a wind turbine over 50kW within a year,

  2. have planning consent and

  3. a DNO grid connection agreement,

why not apply to fix the current FIT rates now by asking LessCO~2 Limited to review your project and support you through the Ofgem pre-accreditation process?

Contact us now on 01538370131 or send us a message here.

We believe these facts to be correct at the time of writing. Please refer to Ofgem for further information.