Enterprising Wind Turbine Designs at Shirebrook Academy

Shirebrook Academy is home to a LessCO~2 installed Endurance E3120 50kW wind turbine, and as part of Year 9 Enterprise Week, Emma from LessCO~2 was invited to support a wind turbine building session! The Smallpeice Trust ran an excellent workshop on how wind turbines work, enterprise and commercial awareness, and tasked the 55 Year 9 students to design and make their own working wind turbine and market it to the rest of the group.

Every group had a budget and brief to ensure the turbine was a certain height and was able to generate a voltage reading when tested. Then a presentation outlining how, as a team they had worked together and would market their product finished of the day, with the winning group presenting their design to the rest of the year group. There were some excellent presentations, including songs, raps, posters and demonstrations of models! Well done Year 9!

It was a great day for all involved with the pupils learning lots about wind energy, enterprise and commercial awareness within engineering and how they can apply those skills to future careers. Thanks to Shirebrook Academy and The Smallpeice Trust for inviting us along!

Shirebrook Enterprise wind turbines Shirebrook Enterprise wind turbines