Global Wind Day 2016

15th June is Global Wind Day to celebrate all things awesome about wind energy across the world! To join in the celebrations we have put together a list of what we think are the best things about wind energy! We'd love to hear your favourite things too!

###1. Wind Energy Is FREE!

Wind turbines maximise a free, renewable, never-going-to-run-out resource that is available all over the world, and uses it to make electricity! Whether that is electricity to power a school, farm, business or a whole city - it is all from a FREE resource! To find out how you can maximise free wind energy contact our team!

###2. Wind Turbines Take Us Some Great Places!

Our turbine techs often send us fantastic photos of the views from the top of the turbines or the sites they get to visit, including the seaside, mountains, lush countryside or even just a different view of the farm below! Admittedly some days it is wet, cold and 36m in the air is not the best place to be, but the views from the top, the people we meet and the places we visit often make up for it! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for our tech's site photos!

Global Wind Day Endurance Wind Turbines LessCO2 Limited

###3. Wind Energy Is Never Going to Run Out!

The fantastic thing about all renewable energy is that the fuel is never going to run out! This means that people, businesses and communities across the world can benefit from a reliable and secure energy source even in hard to reach and remote places where fossil fuel or grid supplies are harder to manage.

###4. Its a Proven Technology With the History to Match!

For centuries Wind energy has been used for energy production for windmills and sailing boats. Now modern wind turbines are able to capture that same energy and use it to generate electricity! We find that fascinating and exciting what modern engineering can achieve to continue to maximise wind energy!

###5. Wind Energy Promotes, Supports and Enhances Sustainability!

Wind energy is green and can be used to maximise sustainability of businesses, communities and countries by not only providing environmental credentials (that are so highly sought after in the products we buy) but also economic sustainability by providing businesses with diversification, energy security and cost saving to help sustain long-lasting success! To find out how wind energy can help you and your business, get in touch with our team!

To find out for more about Global Wind Day 2016 and the events going on to celebrate the achievements of wind energy and to join in the conversation check out their Twitter page!