Leek Show Review 2016

As always we had a lovely day at Leek Show which was a chance to catch up with our customers old and new and to show them our new Biomass offering. This was the 52nd Annual Show and we have exhibited there for several years now. There is always a lot of interest in our wind turbine installations and we very recently commissioned an Endurance E3120 nearby in Leek. Some people had been rather concerned about the visual impact of the turbine but from the show ground we couldn’t even spot it.

We were once again sponsors of a class in the show and this year we sponsored Class 8 in the Shire Classes, Filly, Colt or Gelding. We would like to congratulate the winner Mr O. C. Whittaker with a horse called Knutsford Eclipse 2.

This year we were with Euroheat Natural Energy Company, our Biomass suppliers, which meant we were able to have a have the superb TDA Thermodual dual fuel automatic log and pellet burning stove on display. As the name suggests, this biomass boiler is capable of burning wood pellets or wood logs and can automatically switch between them.

At this point we would especially like to thank the Young Farmers Club (YFC) for helping us by lifting the Biomass boiler back into the truck at the end of the day. They came along and quickly and efficiently used the telehandler which earlier in the day had been used for the guess the number of balloons in the cab competition!

One of the reasons that we chose to work with Euroheat is that they have showrooms where the boilers can be seen in operation and they are happy to take customers to other sites to see how the systems work in situ. This is a fantastic opportunity to get all your questions answered. They will also fully design your system and are involved in the process right up to commissioning and beyond. Like LessCO~2 Limited they are known for their commitment to quality and their desire to provide the customer with the very best service and very best heating solution which can be relied upon.

We were, of course also offering our wind turbine maintenance services and also our blade cleaning which can improve the efficiency of the turbine. In addition, we have our Rescue 3 wind turbine rescue training courses on offer.

Leek show, as always was a mix of attractions for all of the family with a keen agricultural slant and lots of entertainment too. There were the livestock classes and the grand parade, dog and duck displays, farriers, falconry displays (one of our team even had a close encounter with a vulture – don’t ask!) There were crafts and dog shows and flower and vegetable competitions with the biggest leeks we’ve ever seen which we suppose is appropriate for Leek!

There was something for everyone and we were very pleased with the response and interest in our services and hope that soon we will be installing biomass boilers for some of the local farmers or people with large country houses around Leek. We also had enquiries from schools and for barn conversions so we can advise them from the outset of their projects to ensure they can prepare the site for the best solution to their heating needs and we can explain how the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can help to fund the projects.

*Leek Show – we will be visiting again next year!*