The LessCO2 Limited Green Office

Here at LessCO~2 Limited we are dedicated to renewable energy and to using sustainable resources.

Having previously worked as an entirely virtual team when we decided to move into an office it was important that we chose our location carefully. One of the reasons we chose our office at the Genesis Centre was that it was designed to incorporate energy efficiency measures to help reduce the environmental impact of the building.

Although sadly there is no wind turbine on site, there are plenty of other features including Ground Source Heat Pumps which transfer heat from the ground to an under floor heating system and this is also used for cooling during the summer months. The building has been architecturally designed for natural ventilation, the individual office suites each have their own heating and cooling systems and intelligent lighting controls ensure that energy usage is minimised. Even the water systems have been carefully planned to reduce usage and prevent waste.

We are very pleased with our location and our environment and are happy that we are doing our bit to reduce the environmental impact of the building whilst we enjoy the benefits of our great team working together helping others produce their own wind power.