New Endurance Wind Power X-29 Wind Turbine!

LessCO~2 are excited to announce that we are distributors and installers of the new Endurance Wind Power X-29 wind turbine! The X-29 is manufactured in Worcestershire in the UK, by Endurance Wind Power under licensing from the turbine designer and developer Norwin.

Endurance have chosen to manufacture the 225kW X-29 due to Norwin’s proven track record with over 350 Norwin 225kW turbines installed across the world since 1984. Norwin continue to develop and update their turbine design to keep them state-of-the-art, but the core of the 225kW turbine has stayed the same as a proven and successful technology.

Norwin are continuing their relationship with Endurance Wind Power to ensure that the turbine maintains the high standards that is expected from a Norwin and Endurance wind turbine. The X-29 is being manufactured by Endurance Wind Power in the UK under strong guidance from Norwin to provide a turbine with a proven design and experience. The turbine is continually developed and improved to keep it state-of-the –art and in line with their excelling technology.

The advantages of the X-29’s proven design for anyone wishing to install one on their land are strong due to the excellent design track record which acts to reduce investment risk. In addition, Endurance have a rivalling track record, providing excellent support to installers and customers. As a medium sized turbine, the X-29 has the capacity to produce significant electricity to provide for a farm or business while providing excess for export. Partner this generated electricity with the financial revenue provided by the Feed-in Tariffs and the X-29 provides a valuable investment opportunity.

The X-29 has an attractive three bladed design to enhance aesthetic appeal, which in addition to being one of the quietest turbines in its class, provides increased planning potential. LessCO~2 are looking forward to getting involved with the new X-29 Endurance wind turbine and if you would like to find out more – don’t hesitate to contact us!