A New Generation of Wind Turbine Designers!

Shirebrook Academy's Year 7 activity day saw the pupils taking part in a range of different and fun activities across the curriculum, and Emma from LessCO~2 Limited was invited in to support the K'Nex Wind Turbine design competition!

After an introduction to how wind turbines work and how they are designed and built, - including looking at how Shirebrook Academy's Endurance E3120 was installed - the pupils split into teams to put into practice their design skills! They had 20 minutes to design a wind turbine rotor and blades that would produce the most power! They had fans to create the wind and a range of K'nex pieces, plastic bottles, card and materials to create the best wind turbine!

Shirebrook Academy wind turbine design competition

After trying different combinations of blade numbers, materials and blade length each team tested their wind turbine to see who produced the most power! Some unfortunately didn't produce any power, whereas others were producing incredible amounts! Some groups favoured 3 bladed wind turbines, or two blades while others went eccentric with multiple, zig-zag shaped blades or even attempting to make it look like a flower!

LessCO~2 Limited had a fantastic day at Shirebrook Academy and it was great to see renewable energy in action powering the school but also helping to education the pupils and community about the benefits of renewable energy!

Shirebrook Academny wind turbine