Northern Power Systems - LessCO2's Exciting New Wind Turbine Range

LessCO~2 Limited are delighted to announce that we are now able to add three new Northern Power Systems wind turbine models to our offering. LessCO~2 Limited are able to provide a fully installed wind turbine project from the Northern Power Systems wind turbine range.

Northern Power Systems are based in Vermont, USA, with offices in the UK, Switzerland and Italy and have installations of their 100kW and 60kW wind turbine models across the US and Europe. NPS wind turbines have had uninterrupted and industry leading operations since 2008, without major incident, which demonstrates their commitment to performance and reliability.

LessCO~2 Limited pride ourselves on high quality products and service, so choosing NPS wind turbines is no exception. The NPS wind turbines have permanent magnet, direct drive generators - meaning no gearbox - and are backed by a 10 year Performance Guarantee Programme (PGP), giving peace of mind to customers that their NPS wind turbine will continue to generate renewable electricity with excellent reliability.

With three wind turbine models on offer, there is a NPS wind turbine to suit any site requirements, as each suits different wind regimes and outputs. Plus with a range of tower heights (from 22m to 37m, depending on the model), enables more flexibility for siting and planning permission restrictions.

Northern Power Wind Turbine

####NPS 60-24 The NPS 60-24 is the next generation of industry leading permanent magnet direct drive distributed wind turbines, suited to moderate wind speed sites and begins generating at wind speeds as low as 3m/s. As a redesign of the NPS 60-23 that has been deployed since 2008, the nacelle is 30% smaller with a completely new tower configuration - meaning lower weight and load characteristics reducing installation and foundation costs. Plus, the new, larger 24m rotor maximises state-of the-art hub and blade technology with advanced aerodynamics to increase annual energy production by 14% from the previous generation NPS 60-23.

####NPS 100C-21 The NPS 100C­21 is Europe’s leading 100kW Class II wind turbine, optimised to generate the highest output at moderate to high wind speeds, whilst being designed and built to withstand the same weather conditions as it’s ‘Hurricane Resistant’ predecessor, the NPS 100B-21.

####NPS 100C-24 The 100C as the next generation to feature groundbreaking technology to deliver the best in its class availability, reliability and power production. The new 24m rotor with a larger swept area to suit lower wind speed sites, maximises state-of the-art hub and blade technology with advanced aerodynamics in increase annual energy production by 15% from the previous generation. Partnered with new braking and yaw configurations, an enhanced electrical layout, more efficient generation cooling and ultrasonic wind vane and anemometer, the NPS 100C-24 has excellent performance capabilities.

Northern Power Wind Turbines

To find out more about the Northern Power System wind turbines and how they could suit your site, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.