A Royal Delivery!

William and Kate are obviously delighted with their new arrival, and as are we with ours! We have recently taken delivery of some brand new kit for our new Wind Turbine Operator course. LessCO~2 Limited are proud to be at the forefront of health and safety, best practise, equipment and are delighted to be the only UK based training provider for the Rescue 3 Wind Turbine Operator course. The course is designed to teach skills and techniques required by wind turbine technicians.

Excitingly, new courses mean new kit and we were able to unwrap some brand new Petzl goodies courtesy of our suppliers at Abaris International! We now have six new sets of the most modern equipment available, all of which is dedicated to training.Endurance Wind Power had the good luck of being able to try it out earlier this week!

Our recent install in Devon was visited by Endurance Wind Power’s marketing team from Canada and they were taken up newly commissioned turbine to trial the kit and admire the view! All toggled up in brand new Petzl Avao harness, lanyards, helmet and gloves they took advantage of the turbines built infall arrest system and climbed to the top of the tower under guidance of a WTO instructor.

What goes up, must come down, and how better to put the Endurance staff and the new kit to test than to abseil back down the tower! Fun was had by all as the three Endurance staff abseiled back down to the ground and we hope their day on site with LessCO~2 Limited was one to remember.

While our LessCO~2 congratulations goes to William and Kate for their new baby, we would like to send a big thank you to Endurance Wind Power for helping us test our new kit and joining us on site this week. If you are interested in finding out more about our upcoming Wind Turbine Operator courses and having the chance to have a go with our fantastic new kit, please contact Matt at [email protected]