Sixth Formers Visit Local LessCO2 Turbine!

Education is one of the most important things for the renewable energy industry, and that is why LessCO~2 Limited love getting involved in school projects and visits to support student's and their learnings. Emma from LessCO~2 Limited recently took a group of year 12 sixth form students from Thomas Alleynes High School to visit their local, LessCO~2Limited installed Endurance E3120 wind turbine, to help them understand how wind turbines work and why they (and renewable energy) is important.

The wind turbine, located at Nothill Farm near Uttoxeter was installed in early 2013 and can be seen from the school's playing fields and is the home to the Brookes Family. Ex-pupils Matt Brookes and Emma took the students and their teacher to the turbine showing them inside the control panel and explaining how the wind turbine was generating green electricity. Emma explained to them how the wind turbine was installed and connected to the grid, and helped dispel the myths about noise, efficiency and impacts wind turbines have on the landscape. Matt was able to tell the students first hand how the wind turbine was supporting his growing family farm through the difficulties faced with TB, milk prices and development.

Other renewable energy sources were discussed with the students and they were also able to view the farm's biomass boiler in operation.

Altogether the visit was a success with the students taking away information about wind turbines, biomass and other renewables to supplement their Environmental Science A-Level students.