Small and Medium Wind in the UK


Renewable UK have recently released their annual update report on small and medium wind in the UK. It makes for an interesting read that outlines the key successes and also hurdles facing small and medium wind energy.

The report focuses on the small (1.5-50kW) and medium (50-500kW) wind sector, which all of the turbines, that LessCO~2 Limited currently install - including the Endurance Wind Power 50-225kW turbines and the Gaia-Wind 11kW - are all part of. Although the report shows that the small wind market has declined due to the unstable structure of the Feed-in tariff scheme for small wind (still with 19MW of capacity installed though); it shows that the medium wind market has progressed successfully. 2014 alone saw 70MW of medium wind capacity installed in the UK, which is 28% of the 248MW total small and medium wind installed between 2005 and 2014!

Endurance Medium Wind Turbine

The report calls for a number of changes to reform the Feed-in Tariff scheme. These include reinstating the 15kW bracket to help kick-start the declining small wind market, as well as suggesting a slower rate of support degression for the sub-500kW wind sector. These changes partnered with the suggested amendments to the pre-accreditation process, could help to support and continue to strengthen the wind market in the UK.

Excitingly the report also outlines some fantastic figures for wind energy in the UK, including that since 2012, small and medium wind turbines have increased their electricity generation to over 391 GWh! Thats enough to power over 93,000 homes whilst saving 168,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide! In addition it is shown that 60% of medium wind turbines are owned by farms, which outlines the important part that farmers play in the UK energy economy as well as embracing wind to support their businesses.

To read the report and to find out more about the small and medium wind market in the UK, click here to go to the Renewable UK website.