Strawberries and Ice Cream!

At LessCO~2 Towers the lighter days are helping to turn our thoughts towards the summer and especially towards our usual summer treat – strawberries and ice cream! All of a sudden memories of Wimbledon and last year’s Olympics had sprung to mind and we had a very interesting discussion about how many strawberries and how much ice cream had been eaten across those two events last summer?

That was enough to get us thinking about how beneficial renewable energy is for our farmer customers. For those who grow soft fruit the crop needs to be chilled to get it to the market in an excellent condition. The energy costs to the business can be very high, particularly in a hot summer! Likewise, our dairy farmer customers have to reduce the temperature of the milk taken from their cows before it can be bottled and taken to market. That together with the actual milking itself, in these days of automation, can create annual energy bills of thousands of pounds for our hard-working customers. If the milk needs to be chilled further, to be made into delicious ice cream, the costs increase again.

We are, therefore, delighted that our farmer customers who have invested in a wind turbine – usually an Endurance E-3120 50kW, producing on average 180,000 to 220,000kWh of electricity per annum – have been able to cut their electricity bills and protect against future energy cost rises for the next 20 years. In addition they are paid by the government for producing their own renewable energy, index linked for 20 years and they can sell any surplus electricity by exporting it back to the national grid.

And what about the question re strawberries and ice cream eaten in 2012? No, we still don’t know the answer, but we’ll enjoy eating ours this year, and we’ll have peace of mind that our farmer customers are able to keep their costs under control whilst they produce the fruit and ice cream for our enjoyment!