UK 2012 Renewable Energy Statistics Released!

Today saw the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) releasing the annual Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) for 2012. DUKES is designed to summarise the everything energy and electricity related in the UK. LessCO~2 have enjoyed the interesting read about renewable energy and we have selected a few quick and exciting facts for you!

  • In 2012, renewable energy accounted for 11.3% of UK energy generation which is 2.1% increase compared to 2011.
  • The total renewable energy generation was 41.3TWh for 2012.
  • 29% of renewable electricity is from onshore wind with 12,121GWh being generated.
  • Onshore wind installed capacity increased by 27% since 2011, while the electricity it generated increased by 17%.
  • There is 19MW of installed onshore wind capacity accredited under the ROO-FIT scheme. (Our Endurance E-3120 50kW wind turbines will be included in this figure as they are accredited as part of the ROO-FIT scheme).

When considering all renewable energy types, the graph below shows the total generating capacity of renewable energy plants in the UK since 2000. It is interesting to see the steady increase in onshore wind energy in the last 10 years.

Statistics like this are really exciting for LessCO~2 to find out as it shows that all types of renewable energy are being proactively integrated into the UK electricity consumption. Combining these energy sources helps create a dynamic energy mix for the UK that will help reduce the demand for fossil fuels and provide increased energy security. Let’s hope this continues throughout 2013!

Read the full DUKES report.