What Do the Change in FITs Mean for Your Project?

The changes in FITs, as discussed in our previous blogs, have the potential to impact different upcoming projects in different ways.

###Projects With Pre-Accreditation

If you already have planning, grid connection and subsequently Pre-Accreditation, you are unlikely to be impacted by the FIT changes. Providing your project is installed and commissioned by your pre-accreditation expiry date, then you will qualify for your pre-accredited FIT rate. Keeping an eye on approaching dates is vitally important, to ensure your project does not miss your deadline.

If financing your project is an issue within the pre-accreditation deadline, it may be possible to find an investor or discuss with your bank manager options that may help you finance your project. For more information on financing your project or support for meeting your pre-accreditation deadline, contact our team.

###Projects With Planning And/Or Grid Connection

You may already have planning and grid connection, but not be pre-accredited. If this is the case, LessCO~2 Limited are able to support you with the Pre-accreditation process to get your project in the FIT cap queue as soon as possible. It is important to do this as soon as possible to maximise your chances of obtaining a suitable FIT rate.

Pre-accreditation requires you have secured both planning permission and a signed grid connection acceptance. Without both, you will be unable to pre-accredit your project. If you are struggling with securing either planning or grid connection, LessCO~2 Limited can provide experienced and dedicated support to help you meet the requirements for pre-accreditation. We are able to liaise with the DNO on your behalf, or provided experience renewables planning support to help your through the process.

We recommend trying to pre-accredit your project as soon as possible, in order to join the queue for the currently open FIT cap, to maximise the changes of qualifying for a higher FIT rate. Even if your project is due to be installed in the upcoming weeks or months, starting the pre-accreditation process may help you reserve a better place in that queue.

###Projects Without Planning or Grid Connection

If you are still in (or beginning) the planning process or battling with securing an affordable grid connection, getting support from experienced renewables planners and grid connection advisors is vitally important to maximise your chances of success.

Current wind turbine planning guidance for England, has made obtaining wind turbine planning much more difficult, as the development is required to have wide public support and be in an area designated for wind energy. It is worth discussing your options for planning with an experienced planning consultants to best evaluate your chances of obtaining planning first time or through appeal.

Similarly, discussing your grid connection options and requirements with your local DNO via an experience grid connection advisor will provide your project with the best chances of success and options. This may involve matching a renewables system to the available grid connection or maximising the use of energy and export management tools to make the most of your connection.

####To Find Out More About How the FIT Changes Could Impact You, Contact Our Friendly Team.