What a Windy Birthday!

At LessCO~2 we like to keep you all informed about what we are up to whether it is serious or social. So this week we want to share our most recent wind turbine related birthday celebrations!

Steve from our installation and maintenance team celebrated his birthday during our most recent Endurance E-3120 50kW install! The site team were treated to some lovely yummy home-made birthday cake, which went down an absolute treat with everyone – Thank you to the Holdcrofts! Unfortunately the girls in the office missed out, but we were sure to send them a picture showing them what they were missing!

In the same week Emma hosted her 21st birthday party which was fully equipped with a wind turbine cake, also home-made but by her poor friends who wished they hadn't taken on the challenge to build such a fine superstructure (We will make wind turbine engineers of them yet!). It was especially delicious and went down a storm in all the party bags and especially in the LessCO~2 office the following week.

To continue the wind turbine theme, all of Emma’s guests were treated to mini “wind turbines” in their party bags so they could generate some of their own renewable energy (Okay, maybe that’s a tad optimistic given they are made of paper ...).

But the party highlight was the Pin the Blade on the Wind Turbine game, which was specially designed for the party by Emma’s illustrating friend Max. It was lovely to see everyone getting involved with the game, with the prize for the winner (as pictured below) being an Endurance Wind Power E-3120 calendar, which we are excited to be told that it has taken pride of place on his desk!

The LessCO~2 team would like to wish a Happy (Belated) Birthday to Steve and Emma!