New Wind Turbine Blade Cleaning Services

LessCO~2 Limited are pleased to launch our new blade cleaning services for Endurance Wind Power wind turbines. Cleaning wind turbine blades removes unsightly grease and insect residue which may also help to improve the wind turbine's performance. Our experienced rope access technicians use a bespoke solution, specifically designed for the Endurance turbines including the E3120, to access the blades for cleaning.

The technician team will clean, degrease, buff and thoroughly inspect the blade. They will also repair any blemishes on the blade, including fibreglass or leading edge tape repairs to ensure the blades are in the best working order, whilst also looking at their best! Our technicians have developed a procedure that is safe and will not damage the blades, but still allows for full access to all areas of the blades to ensure the most thorough clean and inspection possible.

Some Endurance E3120 owners have found that their turbines experience unsightly blades due to grease dispersion. Although it isn't detrimental to the wind turbine's performance or safety, there is evidence to suggest that blades with significant residue including grease, insects and dust, can have lower operational and performance efficiency. Therefore it is important to keep wind turbine blades clean and residue free to ensure they have the best possible opportunity to generate more green electricity!

LessCO~2 Limited are currently the only authorised blade cleaning specialist for manufacturer Endurance Wind Power and the turbines that they maintain. Plus, with our nationwide coverage to all Endurance wind turbine owners, you can be sure that your wind turbine blade cleaning is in safe, approved and industry leading hands, with LessCO2 Limited.

To find out more about our blade cleaning or other wind turbine maintenance services, contact our friendly team on 01538 542020 today!

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