• Multiple sectors

    Safety and rescue training is crucial in construction, utility, renewable-energy, and similar sectors.

  • Remote locations

    You'll prepare for tough conditions and isolated locations away from emergency services.

  • Experts instructors

    We have firsthand experience of rescue skills and safe operation in difficult situations.

Real world

You'll train at a live wind turbine site

Rescue 3 is a world-leading rescue training institution. Courses carry a 3‑year international certification, useful when working overseas.

We deliver courses at our live wind turbine sites. You'll receive hands-on training in real-world environments.

Inside fire training facility



Wind Turbine Operator

Aimed at Technicians operating in and around wind turbines helping to maintain safety standards at all times.


Wind turbine access for emergency responders

Aimed at Category 1 responders such as Hazardous Area Response Teams and Fire Service rope rescue teams.


Safe working at height

Provides insight into the dangers that workers face when working at height and the current legislation in this area.


Emergency first aid at work

Satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for First Aid if a risk assessment deems it appropriate.


Co-worker rescue from height

Learn how to deal with fallen co-workers who have been left hanging helplessly in their fall protection system.