Wind turbine access for emergency responders

Course Overview

The Wind Turbine Access for Emergency responder (WTAFER) course is aimed at Category 1 responders such as Hazardous Area Response Teams and Fire Service rope rescue teams.

Despite the duty placed on employers to have a rescue plan in place, Emergency services may be called on to resolve a variety of incidents at wind turbine installations such as medical emergencies, entrapment in machinery, equipment failure and other eventualities which are beyond the scope of the employers initial rescue plan.

Internationally Certified Training

Rescue 3 safety and rescue training courses are delivered in house by experienced instructors at our 'live' wind turbine sites. We believe this makes us unique and sets us apart from other training providers.

Rescue 3 is one of the worlds leading rescue training institutions and Rescue 3 courses carry a 3 year International Certification, this is extremely useful our customers wishing to work overseas.

With this course, you'll learn
  • Legislation and standards
  • Worker safety and survival
  • Hazards
  • Medical considerations
  • Personal and team equipment
  • Pre-planning
  • Size up
  • Risk assessment when working at height
  • Communications
  • Types of wind turbines and operating principles
  • Tagout/Lockout
  • Introduction to ropes
  • knots and technical gear
  • Anchor systems
  • Placing rope protection
  • Administering treatment at height
  • Haul systems
  • Rescue of patient from tower/nacelle
Course details

Pre-planning and familiarity

Pre-planning is a fundamental to the safety and success of Emergency responders. The course highlights key considerations such as equipment compatibility, preinstalled fall arrest systems, anchor selection, wind turbine remote interfaces, administering treatment at height and the problems associated with AED's within structures. Organisations may find this useful when writing or reviewing operational policies/procedures.

Knowledge and skills

Advances in technology have seen wind turbines increase in capacity, grow taller and become more popular within our countryside. The aim of the course is to provide Emergency responders with the knowledge and skills to operate safely at wind turbine installations that they may encounter within their area.

Live turbine sites

The course is mainly practically based and training is delivered at a live wind turbine sites. LessCO2 have a fleet of over 40 turbines across the UK and it’s likely that we have a turbine near to your location. This means we can deliver training at a convenient location to you.


1 day


  • Rope rescue operator (RRO) or Rope rescue technician (RRT)
  • Minimum age 18 years


  • Rescue 3 manual
  • 3 year International certificate
  • ID card
  • Rescue 3 whistle
  • Rescue 3 Wind Turbine Operator embroidered badge for coveralls/uniform

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